Wyoming residents revealed as among the tallest in America

Wyoming residents revealed as among the tallest in America

September 9, 2019 | By Natalie Harrison
According to a recent post on My Country 95.5, Wyoming is reported to be one of the top states whose residents tower over the rest. This is based on a survey conducted by the Center For Disease Control and Prevention in 2017 on the differences in average adult height at the state level.

Figure 1: The State of the tallest Americans (adapted from My Country 95.5 at www.mycountry955.com)

As in the Figure 1 maps, we can see that both men and women in Wyoming are in the area of the most orange states (meaning taller). So, what is the key finding? “Height can be an indication of good nutrition.” is the conclusion drawn from the survey. Wyoming people are believed to “handle a fork”, which means it’s the proper nutrition that makes their outstanding height.

Does nutrition play such an important role in height growth?

It’s absolutely true. Nutrition is scientifically proved to account for 32% of height growth, the largest proportion compared to other determinants like genetics (23%), exercise (20%) and sleep (25%). With proper nutrition, your body will be fueled with vital nutrients to boost height growth and healthy height gain. Therefore, having a healthy, balanced diet is a must if you want to achieve an ideal height like Wyoming people.

However, good nutrition alone is not enough. Why?

You can’t grow maximally without exercising.

No doubt, physical activities play a major role in building bones and stretching cartilages throughout body. Regular workout also enhances growth hormone excretion, sleep quality and overall health. Among all activities, you should focus on exercise and sports that make your body stretch like volleyball, basketball, swimming and yoga.

Finally, don’t forget to sleep 8 hours/day!

Growth hormone excretes most at night and circulates at its peak during deep sleep; therefore, lack of sleep will definitely stunt your growing potential. For a quality sleep, it’s highly recommended to keep your mind restful and sleep before 11 PM, the golden time for your body to get taller.

In a nutshell, an outstanding height is the result of proper nutrition, regular exercise and adequate sleep. All you can do is to eat right, have an active life and get enough sleep to aid your growth. Besides, time and effort are also needed during the process of reaching your height goals.

Source: The Washington Post


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