Story of a Vietnamese mother helping her son increase his height in Australia

Story of a Vietnamese mother helping her son increase his height in Australia

January 10, 2018 | By Lilian Rosy
Just over two years, my son's height was improved positively thanks to a high quality height growth supplement combined with sports and a scientific living.

In 2001, when my son was only 1 year old, my husband and I decided to put aside all our work in Vietnam to settle in Australia. After living in Melbourne for many years, my family considered Australia as our second home.

As a businesswoman, I was fortunate to meet and get acquainted with many people in many different fields. Thanks to the recommendation of a fellow countrywoman, I had an opportunity to join "Vietnamese Mothers' Association in Melbourne". Our association was established quite a long time ago with the growing number of members, the members of which were Vietnamese mothers living and working in this beautiful city.

On the last Sunday of each month, the members held meetings to share experience and skills about work, families and lives. At the meetings, I have opportunities to meet many good mothers and learn much useful parenting experience. Thanks to these regular meetings,  we were quite close and easily shared everything with each other.

One day, when all members were discussing how to raise children, I also told about my story without hesitation. The story was about my 15 year old son. Although he entered puberty, in the past one year, his height did not change much. Meanwhile his friends were considerably tall. Knowing that his height was "inferior" to his friends' height, I proactively improved his diets through daily meals and encouraged him to use formula milk to increase his height. However, my husband and I felt desperate because we did not get good results after all my efforts.

Listening to my story, Mrs. Nga, a veteran member of the association and also a medical staff at a large hospital, comforted and encouraged me that my son still had a lot of times to get taller. Therefore, she advised me to take advantage of this period and set up appropriate and scientific methods to increase his height. In addition to constantly improving nutrition, the most important key to speed up his height is the use of height growth supplements combined with regular physical activities. According to her, thanks to these methods, her 18 year old son reached the height of 176 cm. She did not forget to open the phone to share two photos taken with her son, one photo was taken three years ago, the other was taken at the graduation ceremony last month. Everyone was surprised by the change in her son's height.

Quite curiously, not only me but also many other members wondered which height growth supplement she had used for her son. As an enthusiastic person, Mrs. Nga introduced the product to us with very detailed information, from the usages and the ingredients to the  origins and the sale places. I was completely convinced  by the product because Mrs. Nga was not only an understanding and loving mother but also a staff in the field of health. I immediately ordered 3 bottles of this height growth supplement in that evening.

I encouraged my son not only to use the height growth supplement but also to play sports and eat lots of height growth foods. At first, I did not notice any change in my son's height. However, after over half a year using NuBest Tall and playing basketball, I noticed some positive changes in my son's height.  

After over two years using NuBest Tall, my son's height was improved considerably. He was even officially admitted to the school's basketball team. Sometimes when watching him practicing basketball, I could not believe that he used to be a quite short boy.

Earlier this year, I was honored to be one of the invited guests for a talk with the Vietnamese community living in Australia. In addition to talking about my business, I did not hesitate to retell the story about how my son's height had increased. I believed that many parents would find ways to help their children get taller quickly through my story.

By the way, I would like to thank Mrs. Nga and NuBest Tall (Phuong Nguyen - 45 years old, Melbourne, Australia).

(*) We assure that this article is based on the real-life results from our customers. We do not have any intention of creating any misleading information but respect the way our customers expressed their opinions.


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