Story of a former US soldier on his journey improving his son's height

Story of a former US soldier on his journey improving his son's height

September 14, 2017 | By Julian Jordan
Though my son was born from an American father and a Filipino mother, he did not inherit my outstanding height. He was as short as his mother. By trying many different ways, finally, we also "improved" our son's height successfully.

In 2004, returning to the USA after taking part in the war in Iraq, I travelled to the Philippines to explore the beauty of this country and relieve my stress. In the Philippines, I met a local girl and immediately was attracted by her. Although we knew each other for a short time, we decided to get married because we fell in love with each other. When my wife was pregnant, I could not take care of her because I had to return to the USA to complete the procedure for taking her to the USA.

When my son was born, I was extremely happy to see him through Facetime. He was a very cute boy. I immediately flied to the Philippines to visit my son. Looking at my wife alone with our son, I promised that we would reunite soon in the USA.

Finally, after many complicated procedures, my wife, my son and I reunited in the USA when my son was over six months old. However, my son kept crying for almost a week before he could smile and get closer to me because he felt unfamiliar to the new living environment.

My wife and I had to combine breast milk with many different kinds of formula milk due to the shortage of breast milk. Fortunately, he still grew up as fast as other children. He soon entered the secondary school and got good grades.

My mother told me that my son looked just like me, from the nose to the chin and the eyes. However, regretfully, he was much shorter than his friends because he did not inherit my "outstanding" height. While my wife was very upset about our son's height, I did not pay much attention to this because I thought that my son still had a lot of times to get taller.

Until one day, coming home from work, I had to talk to him because he looked very sad at that time. He told me that he had not overcome the physical challenge at school because of not throwing 5 out of 10 balls into the hoop. Although he had tried his best, this result was still much worse than that of his friends.

Since I was so busy, I rarely talked to my son. I did not know he had to be in such situation. I was really worried because I also did not know whether his appearance made his friends isolate and tease him or not.

In that evening, my wife and I seriously talked about this and we came to an agreement that we would find ways to improve our son's height. My wife was an Asian so she considered height as an important factor. In her country, a short stature brought about not only the inferiority complex but also the barriers in life. I have never experienced this feeling before. However, after listening to her, I also sympathized with her previous concerns.

While shopping on, I accidentally discovered NuBest Tall - a height growth supplement. After looking through the ingredients and the usages, I found that this was the product that my son needed. I was quite fond of the products that had natural ingredients like that because they were safe and had no side effects. As the result, I decided to buy NuBest Tall for my son.

During the first period using NuBest Tall, though I did not notice any change in his height, I noticed that his mental health as well as his physical health were improved positively. I also encouraged him to play basketball and other sports regularly because basketball was very beneficial to the musculoskeletal system.

After two months, four months and six months using NuBest Tall, I was happy to know that he could throw eight out of ten balls into the hoop. After two years using NuBest Tall, my son's current height is no longer inferior to that of his friends.

My son is also in the leading group to any physical challenge at his class. I am very excited and proud. In addition to the support of NuBest Tall, I think that physical activities are also considered as one of the key factors contributing to my son's current height (Mr. David James - 36 years old - Washington, USA).

(*) We assure that this article is based on the real-life results from our customers. We do not have any intention of creating any misleading information but respect the way our customers expressed their opinions.


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