Story about a surprising change in the height of a Thai girl

Story about a surprising change in the height of a Thai girl

August 25, 2017 | By Harry Marotta
I am Min Phitchaya. When I was a child, I was short and small. I tried to improve my height as I wanted to become a tour guide. Thanks to NuBest Tall, I reached the desired height and could do what I wanted.

I was born in Ban Ko Pu village in Koh Jum, a small but very beautiful island. In the past, there were only local people living on this island who mainly worked as fishermen and small merchants. As tourism developed, however, I saw many changes in my hometown. The lives of the local people became more vibrant and civilized. In this situation, my mother opened a souvenir shop and had a steady income to help my father.

There have been many resorts, restaurants, and hotels, along with an increasing number of boats going to the island. There were more and more tourists of many nationalities such as American, European, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and so on. Meeting these tourists helped me know many new interesting things. However, as I was not good at English and other languages, I rarely talked directly to them. Normally, tour guides would go with the tourists to help with translation and bargaining.

I admired these tour guides as they were very good, beautiful, agile, confident, and could speak languages fluently. Since then, I have always desired to pursue this career. Thinking about travelling to many places and telling tourists about Thai culture made me feel really interested.

I told my friends about my dream and they laughed at me. They told me that I was too short to be a tour guide. Even Mrs Savika who had a shop next to my mother’s shop also said that I could go to Bangkok for a plastic surgery if I were ugly, but I could not change my small body.

I felt bad to hear such words. I had thought that I was shorter a little bit than my friends, but I had never thought that the height would be an obstacle to my desired career. There was only one person who always understands and supports me, my mother. Although she has little experience of education, she always expects us to have a better future.

My mother told me to communicate more with tourists using basic sentences and improve my English. I also tried to approach tour guides to listen to interesting stories about their trips.

One day, there was a group visiting this island. I met a very pretty girl named Thananya from Pattaya City. She visited this island with her friends. They met me on the beach and asked me to take photos of them. We talked after that, and I told her about my life and the local places of interest.

Seeing her height and perfect body, I was very impressive. After listening to my story, she told me about her similar situation in the past. Her family bought for her a height growth supplement named NuBest Tall. Along with exercise and diet, the supplement helped her have such perfect height.

She also opened her phone and showed me the pictures of this supplement and advised me to buy it. She is certain that my height would be improved. Immediately after that, I told my mother about NuBest Tall and she agreed to let me try it.

On the next day, I introduced Thananya to my mother. However, the place where we live is quite remoted, my mother asked Thananya to order and have it delivered. She agreed immediately and promised to do it as soon as she came back to Pattaya. I was worried that she might forget. Surprisedly, one month after, she rang my mother to let her know of the order and delivery.

Since then, I take this supplement following its instruction. Living by the sea, I try to swim for 30 minutes every morning and run on the beach in the afternoon. I also have a regular and better diet.

One year and a half later, my height has increased rapidly. My friends teasing me before are now shorter than me. One of them even asked me about my secrets of getting taller. I told her about my story, she also asked her parents to buy NuBest Tall. My mother also bought NuBest Tall for my brothers. That is why they are taller than 1.7 meters now.

This story has been 3 years back. Now I am the first-year student at the Tourism Faculty of Bangkok University. Sometimes, I contact Thananya via Facebook. Last month, she went to Bangkok for a business trip and we met again. Seeing me, she was speechless “Look at you, Min. You are so beautiful and tall, just like a model”.

I would like to say thanks to her and my mother who has done the best things for me. I am also grateful to NuBest Tall for helping me become taller and more confident in my stature. Still, I have not yet become a tour guide, but I believe I can do it. I will return to Koh Jum and introduce our beautiful places to international tourists in the near future.

(*) We assure that this article is based on the real-life results from our customers. We do not have any intention of creating any misleading information but respect the way our customers expressed their opinions.


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