How obesity affects the height growth?

How obesity affects the height growth?

June 3, 2019 | By Rachel Lee
Obesity has been a common problem for people. Not only does it bring adverse effects to health but also have a negative impact on the steady height growth. This article provides information on the harmful consequences of obesity, how it relates to height development and some suggestive methods to prevent it.

Obesity is an over on-going accumulation of fat tissues at some specific parts or over the entire human body directly affecting the development of height. There are several causes of obesity including genetic code, lack of physical exercises, environment, and nutrition.

In general, the weight of a normal healthy person will fluctuate to some extent provided there is sufficient nutritional input. To have more precise data, the World Health Organization (WHO) uses the Body Mass Index indicator (BMI) of children and adults taken yearly based on their heights, weights, ages and genders of 2-year-old children or older.

There are some several disadvantages of being obesity. First and foremost, not only do obese people have to deal the excessive bad-looking body mass but also they are vulnerable to various diseases, for example, Dyslipidaemia, Hypertension, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Gallstone, Cardiovascular ones, Diabetes, Arthritis/ Arthralgia, and cancer. On top of that, obesity is also the main reason for slowing the rate of height development.

Harmful effects of obesity to the development of heights

Overweight children tend to develop bone structures faster than normal children; thus making them grow higher. Having said that, after reaching the puberty (8 -13 years old for girls and 9-14 for boys), the rate of height growth will be slower.

To explain this, doctors suggest that the problem mainly occurs due to a certain type of hormone called Leptin produced from fat tissue. The higher level of Leptin produced in obese children, the sooner they reach the pubertal period. Therefore, there is rapid development in a child body during the period before 8 years old for girls and 9 years old for boys. After this, the rate will slow down compared to other children’s ages.

Despite having bigger and heavier bone structures, there is a reduction in bone mineral density (BMD) in obese children. As a result, an accident as being tumbling down would easily damage their bones. More importantly, if the crack is at next to the cartilage parts contacting the joints, it will definitely have a severe impact on the development of bones in the future, negatively affecting the children’s height developing in the process.

The more extra pounds of the body mass in obese children, the higher in the tendency which makes them do not want to exercise regularly. This type of thinking restricts children’s development of heights and overall body. Not only this, they will prefer to sit all day because their body is not prepared to withstand such as large body mass. This is also one of the reasons reducing the build-up process of cartilage, a necessary part to increase height.

Methods to prevent obesity and to boost the height developing process

To prevent obesity from happening, it is crucial to maintain a well-balanced diet and regular exercises. Not only does it help to maintain a healthy weight but also to reduce the possible dangers of Osteoporosis and Bone fracture. This can be done through the following methods:

  • Drink too much soft drink
  • Eat sweets cakes and candies too often
  • Consume fast food or food contained in boxes regularly
  • Consume high trans fast foods in your diet frequently
  • Reduce foods with high calories intake
  • Cut down the intake of cholesterol content under 300mg per meal
  • Provide your body with enough Proteins and Vitamins
  • Eat more green vegetables and fruits
  • Drink skim milk instead of whole milk
  • Use fishes or any types of Cod-liver oil containing many types of fatty acids and Omega 3



  • Sit in one position for too long
  • Use electrical devices frequently
  • Stay up late
  • Do at least 1-hour exercise every day such as Cycling, Swimming, Basketball, etc.
  • Sleep early, and enough by 8 hours a day

Obesity is an abnormal process of accumulated fat, more than the standard level causing negative impact on individual height and their health. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet and exercises every day to stay healthy and achieve an ideal height in the future.


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