How did a Japanese student become taller from a short person?

How did a Japanese student become taller from a short person?

August 11, 2017 | By Julian Jordan
Overcoming the inferiority complex about my height, finally, I can improve my height successfully thanks to NuBest Tall.

I am Misaki. I am now living in Tokyo, Japan. Everybody often praises me for my cuteness. However, my modest height made me sad and unconfident. When I was 10 years old, my classmates even made fun of my height. As a result, I felt self-pity and cried for weeks. Later on, although my classmates no longer teased me, I always wanted to be as tall as my friends.

In the first year of high school, my school launched a music contest. I was chosen by the headteacher and the class as a representative for the solo singing because I had some talents for singing. Honestly, although I was quite confident about my voice, I found it was quite nervous to appear before students and parents of the whole school. Therefore, I spent a lot of times to practice singing seriously and invested a lot in clothes to avoid any problem. Previously, according to my classmates and my schoolfellows, I was inherently a shy girl so this would be the only opportunity to prove myself.

Finally, the contest also took place. When I sang the first verse, I was extremely happy to receive thousands of applause from the audiences. Thanks to that encouragement, I finished the song in the cheering of many teachers and friends. I felt like bursting into joy.

After my performance, I hoped that my old image in the eyes of others would change. However, while stepping down from the stage, I accidentally heard some bad words: "sing well but look like a primary school student", "her appearance is not good", "she looks even shorter when stepping down from the stage", "she will look better if she's taller"...

It turned out that people around me could not forget about my height although I had tried a lot to prove my great talent. Being very sad and desperate, I cried a lot and left the contest to go home before my name was announced for the special award.

On that day, my parents also came to support me and they were also very sad to witness me in such a situation. My mother always solaced me and advised me not to be self-deprecating. Knowing that my appearance would affect a lot in my future, I decided to make plans to improve my height in many ways. Firstly, I proactively sought information about the diets for people who wanted to improve height. Secondly, I combined diets with playing sports such as aerobics, rope jumping, badminton, etc. However, after a long time, the result was not better.

One day, thanks to a friend on the social network, I accidentally knew NuBest Tall - a height growth supplement. Seeing the change in the height over time through my friend's photos posted on Facebook, I trusted this product and consulted with my parents. As an understanding and loving parents, after consideration, they both allowed me to use this product.

After more than one year using NuBest Tall regularly, making scientific eating habits, playing sports, resting and sleeping properly, my height was improved positively. When discovering this, my friends even asked me if I was wearing padded shoes.

After 2 years applying these methods persistently, I really became a tall and beautiful girl. As a result, I felt happier and more confident. I also enrolled in my school's music club and participated in many shows at school as well as in the exchanges with other schools. Thanks to my determination and the efficient support of NuBest Tall, I have had this beautiful time.

If you are as short as I used to be, do not give up. I hope that all of you can improve your heights successfully!

Thank NuBest Tall! (Misaki, 18 years old, Tokyo - Japan).

(*) We assure that this article is based on the real-life results from our customers. We do not have any intention of creating any misleading information but respect the way our customers expressed their opinions.


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