Four dairy products that help children grow taller

Four dairy products that help children grow taller

March 25, 2019 | By Rachel Lee
Milk is known to be a kind of foods that is very good for brain and height growth in children. However, not every child "likes" milk. Therefore, dairy products will help milk haters adequately absorb vitamins as well as minerals in milk although they do not drink milk. Let's learn more about the dairy products that help children grow taller in the following article.


Yogurt is usually made from cow's milk. Yogurt contains typical vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, lactic acid and probiotics which not only stimulate  taste buds but also are good for digestive system. In particular, yogurt is rich in vitamin D, which contributes to accelerating the absorption of calcium into the body, thereby increasing body resistance and supporting height growth in children.

Yogurt contains a large number of beneficial bacteria because it has undergone fermentation, fat separation and pasteurization. That's why yogurt can help balance intestinal bacteria system, protect the digestive system and help absorb nutrients from foods better.

Because fermented yogurt contains a lot of acids, eating too much yogurt can affect activities of digestive enzymes. Ideally, children should eat about 2 jars of yogurt per day to sufficiently supplement their bodies with calcium and help the bones become strong and supple.


Cheese is also an ideal choice for parents to support their children's height growth. Because cheese is made by coagulating and fermenting milk from cows or goats, it contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium, protein, zinc, phosphorus, etc.

Because cheese is a dairy product, it also contains all nutrients of milk. However, although cheese contains all nutrients of milk, it has a higher nutrient density. In particular, cheese contains partially hydrolysed protein that will make it easier to be absorbed. Moreover, cheese contains calcium which is 3-6 times higher than milk and yogurt so it is good for the height growth in children.

Milk skin

Milk skin is layers that float on surface of milk when milk is heated or when milk is stored for a while without being covered. Milk skin is also called milk cream. Therefore, milk skin is also rich in calcium and other minerals and vitamins. Milk skin is not only good for the digestive system but also brings an important source of energy to facilitate the height growth and bone growth in children.

Because milk skin has a high fat content, it is not suitable for children who are less than 10 months old and has weak digestive systems. Furthermore, parents should let children eat milk skin at noon instead of in the evening.


Being made from cow's milk, butter is used for cooking or served with bread. The calories in butter are quite high with a spoonful of butter containing about 101 calories. Moreover, there are 400 different fatty acids in butter. In particular, butter is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K2 and vitamin B12. Adding butter to daily diets provides energy for the body and stimulates physical activities to take place more effectively, thereby facilitating the height growth. Vitamins in butter also strengthen bone and joint health and help bones grow in length and thickness, thereby promoting the height growth clearly.

Above is information about top 4 dairy products that support the height growth in children. Hopefully, through this article, parents will get useful knowledge about dairy products in order to make the right choices for their children in the journey of helping their children grow taller.


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