Foods that are not good for height growth

Foods that are not good for height growth

April 16, 2019 | By Rachel Lee
Nowadays, many parents also realize that if they want their children to grow well, they need to pay attention to nutrition. However, some mistakes in choosing foods accidentally cause your children's height growth to be adversely affected. In order to avoid choosing wrong foods, parents need to remove these foods from daily meals as soon as possible.

Sweet cakes and candies

As we know, sweets are one of the causes of obesity and rapid weight gain. Eating too many sweets such as candies or cakes or foods high in starch will cause the body to secrete an inhibitory hormone on the skeleton, which restrains bone growth and skeleton development.

Moreover, eating a lot of sweets will cause obesity and rapid weight gain, which will cause much pressure on bones and restrain the bone growth and cartilage growth. As a result, the height growth will be hindered.

Overly greasy foods

Overly greasy foods provide plenty of calories to children, which leads to excessive calories in the body and causes obesity. Meanwhile, weight is the biggest barrier to the height growth. Besides, the content of vitamin D and fibre in overly greasy foods will be lost during food processing, which affects calcium metabolism in the body.

Foods containing too much salt

Salt plays an important role to the body but eating too much salt will cause the body to excrete more calcium, which will cause calcium loss. Therefore, parent should let children eat a proper amount of salt.

When we eat too much salt, the body will experience fluid retention. The fluid retention will cause edema, cause blood volume to rise and cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure not only causes cardiovascular diseases but also puts pressure on renal arteries, thereby causing kidney damage. Moreover, sodium also eliminates calcium from the body, which causes the height growth in children to be affected. This explains why children with habits of eating too much salt are often stunted.

Fast food

A latest study has showed that the height of children is declining compared to previous decades. The main reason is the impact of fast food such as hamburger, pizza, fried chicken, etc.

Fast food is quickly processed mainly by frying and using a lot of preservatives. This way of processing will lose nutrients in foods. Among the lost vitamins, there are vitamin D, calcium and fibre which are extremely essential for the height growth.

Eating too much beef

Most people think that beef is a nutritious and good food for children's height growth. That's why many parents often let children eat beef frequently. It is improper to feed children too much beef because beef is rich in protein but beef will make your children suffer from bone and joint diseases if your children eat it too much. Beef contains very little calcium. Meanwhile, it mainly contains acidic elements such as sulphur, phosphorus and chlorine. This is the cause of high levels of acid in the blood. At that time, the body must use calcium to neutralize these levels of acid in order to regulate and stabilize the blood, which causes calcium levels in the body to be lost. Once the calcium levels in the body are lost much, the height growth will be affected.

Above are foods that are not good for the height growth. Instead of feeding your children these foods, you should add good foods for the height growth to your children's daily meals such as carrots, eggs, chicken, soy, vegetables, fruits, etc. A balanced diet with good foods for the height growth will not only help children grow taller but also help them stay healthy.


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