The importance of height and suggestions to be taller
June 12, 2019 | By Bruce Banner
Many studies indicate that height only keeps growing until a person reaching 20 years old, maximum 25. This is also the age which we realize what we really need to be happy. The question is how important our height can be to our success and happiness. This article discusses key issues related to such matter.
The encounter that changed the height of an Indian boy
June 7, 2019 | By Rachel Lee
I am lucky because just via a meeting by coincidence, my life has started a new chapter, in which I am no longer feel sad or worried about my short stature. I know, just like me, there is still a lot of people out there who remains less confident about their height. Therefore, I decided to share my story on how I have improved my height. I hope it will also help you to find out an effective method for yourself. (Shivam – 18 year-olds, Ahmedabad, India)
How obesity affects the height growth?
June 3, 2019 | By Rachel Lee
Obesity has been a common problem for people. Not only does it bring adverse effects to health but also have a negative impact on the steady height growth. This article provides information on the harmful consequences of obesity, how it relates to height development and some suggestive methods to prevent it.
Swimming is a great sport to increase height
May 9, 2019 | By Rachel Lee
Exercise determines 20% of human height growth. Therefore, playing sports regularly is a must if you want to own an outstanding height in future. Among the sports, swimming is mentioned most.
Food that is not good for height growth
April 16, 2019 | By Rachel Lee
Many parents realize the importance of nutrition in the growth of their children. However, some mistakes in food choice might accidentally influence their children's height growth in a negative way. To avoid the wrong choice of food, a number of food categories are recommended to stay away from including:
Drinks that are not good for height growth
April 10, 2019 | By Rachel Lee
Nutrition is the most important factor for the height growth in children. However, not all food and drinks are really good for their height growth. Accordingly, there are some kinds of drinks that are delicious but are also agents "inhibiting" human height growth. In order to recognize the drinks that are not good for height growth, let's read the following article.